Tiffany Fields, MSc.

Observatory Keeper (aka Astronomy Technician) at Saint Mary's University for the Burke-Gaffney Observatory


Halifax, Nova Scotia


I’m Tiffany, excited about sharing the world of astronomy or math or science with you. I’m the (new!) Astronomy Technician for the Burke-Gaffney Observatory at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS.

Here’s some of the neat positions I’ve held in the recent past:

I’m into helping others understand things, understanding things, and making things work. I also have two dogs, both with space-themed names (Ripley and Kepler).

Find some blog posts and other information along the top menu, or not, because this website is currently a work-in-progress.


Mar 14, 2022 Introducing - the new Astronomy Technician at SMU!
Jan 15, 2022 Website start-up. Still trying to make it all work. Welcome!